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Communication services for corporate clients
Company Plus Telecom

On this site we'll help you find the information you need.
Our company has a lot, but it is best able to provide and maintain a high level of telecommunications services for all categories and types of businesses in Moscow and Moscow region.
We strive to be ahead of a rapidly changing world and, anticipating the demands of tomorrow, today we can provide you with a full range of advanced data communication services to the highest quality. After all, the modern market of communication services confronts companies working in the field of telephony and telecommunications, more and more complex tasks, which meet under the force of a reliable, stable and, thus, continuously progressive telecom operator.
    • We provide dial-up Internet access by ISDN lines
    • Access via dedicated Ethernet channels with bandwidth of 1 Gbps.
    • We provide intelligent network services and IVR
    • Set the fixed-line phones, including multichannel
    • We offer unique solutions for business, including services for organizations with remote offices in Moscow and Russian regions
Application of modern technology and unique technical solutions, combined with attractive tariff policy for the entire spectrum of services of communication, allows the company to Plus Telecom confidently occupy a worthy place in the telecommunications market in Moscow and Moscow region.
Own supporting telephone network, data network, Internet network, constructed on the basis of fiber-optic lines, qualified staff, the licensed hardware, allowing the Company in addition to traditional telephony services and provide new high-tech services such as: IVR, intelligent network, IP-telephony and many others. Particular attention is paid to in-house development such as IVR Office +, built on the basis of traditional systems of IVR, but have a wider range of functionalities.
Telecom operator Plus Telecom wishes to all consumers of certain telecommunications services using only quality service and quality products of communication, which is able to provide the Company Plus Telecom.

?????? ??????????? Россия, 109559, г.Москва, ул.Марьинский Парк, д.35, офис 25.
  Тел.: +7 (495) 783-92-93.   Факс: +7 (495) 783-92-97