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Information License

About Company

  Today the market of telecommunication services in Moscow and Moscow region company "Plus Telecom represents the vanguard of young, talented and promising companies that are taking up the complicated task of meeting the ever increasing requirements for quality of service connection.
Using the latest technology and unique technical solutions, improving the tariff policy and the choice of optimal pricing strategies are the most important attractive factor when choosing a telecommunications provider. It is through these qualities Company "Plus Telecom" has established itself as a reliable and stable telecommunications operator.
  The company is the holder of the required package of licenses of the Ministry of Communication and Information:

License № Name of service
34810 Local telephone service, except for local telephone services using payphones and public access.
34811 Communication services to provide channels of communication.
34812 Communication services in data networks, except for voice transmission.
34813 Telematic services.
51584 Communication services for data transmission for voice transmission.
53158 Communication services for cable distribution.

  Own supporting telephone network, data network, Internet, organized on the basis of fiber-optic communication channels, trained staff, licensed equipment, allowing the Company to provide a wide range of communications services.
Company "Plus Telecom" specializes in integrated solutions for business that provides customers with the company to get a full range of telecommunications services from one operator:
    • Traditional telephone service (Moscow facilities, including multi-channel).
    • Service IP - telephony.
    • Dial-up access over telephone lines with the GTS bandwidth to 56 kbps.
    • Dial-up access on ISDN lines with a capacity of up to 128 kbps.
    • Access via dedicated Ethernet-channels with bandwidth up to 1 Gbps.
    • Leasing of communications channels.
    • Intelligent network services.
    • Unique solutions for business, with the formation of a single telecommunications network.
Company "Plus Telecom" wishes to all consumers of certain telecommunications services using only quality service and quality products of communication, as it is able to Company "Plus Telecom".

?????? ??????????? Россия, 109559, г.Москва, ул.Марьинский Парк, д.35, офис 25.
  Тел.: +7 (495) 783-92-93.   Факс: +7 (495) 783-92-97