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Internet Telephony IP-TV Price-List

Connecting to the Internet

Company "Plus Telecom" offers high-speed Internet access.
To provide access to resources worldwide network INTERNET company has its own fiber-optic data network, allowing maximum efficiency and quality to meet the needs of our customers. Today the company provides its clients with several types of network connectivity INTERNET.
Dial-up access over telephone lines GTS with a capacity of up to 56 kbit/s
One type of connection to the Internet World Wide Web, and one of the most versatile - it's connected to using a device called a "modem" via an ordinary telephone line. This is the most affordable kind of connection does not require installation of special cables, and only requires purchase of a modem (~ $ 30). With this type of connection, you usually pay for time spent in a call with the "modem pool" provider.
Benefits dial:

    The most economical option of the Internet to users who do not need constant connection;
    The easiest way to connect - Accessible from anywhere and from any telephone number.

Dial-up access to ISDN lines with a capacity of up to 128 kbit/s
ISDN - is the provision of digital telephone services, integrated with data transmission.
Conventional analogue telephone network is focused on voice and basically does not allow the modems to exchange data at speeds above 56 Kbps. Network ISDN, or digital network integration services, designed to bypass the limit on data transfer speed, but to maintain compatibility with existing telephone networks. In addition to using ISDN as the usual means of telecommunication, digital signal transmission technology is the ideal system for many companies and firms in terms of working with remote users, and to provide effective access to the Internet, video conferencing, etc.

    half-time Internet access lines to ISDN;
    direct access to the Internet without the limitation of the traffic;
    permanent dedicated Internet access, taking into account the traffic (load of the channel);
    permanent dedicated Internet access at speeds from 64 Kbps and above, without limiting the amount of traffic or actual load.

Access via dedicated Ethernet-channels with a bandwidth of up to 1 Gbit/sec.
With the help of a dedicated line and cable modem made a permanent connection to the Internet. The client is given port Ethernet, which can immediately turn on the computer, or install a router to connect the entire office network. Benefits connections Ethernet following:

    there is no fee for the physical channel;
    high bandwidth (up to 1 Gbps);
    each corporate client within the company network creates a "virtual channel (VLAN) to access equipment on the Internet, eliminating the possibility of attacks using the features of the protocol stack TCP / IP on the LAN.

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