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Internet Telephony IP-TV Price-List

Telephony and telecommunication

Company "Plus Telecom" provides services connected Moscow numbers, including multichannel.
Telecommunications company "Plus Telecom" offers a service installation phone numbers anywhere in Moscow or Moscow Region.
To connect the client uses its own fiber optic network or the resources of our partners who promptly fulfill the inclusion of digital streams at any point in Moscow. Also, as a transport medium, can be a radio channel.
Connect your phone can be done:

    •the "classical copper" (customer premises infest the required number of copper pairs);
    •ADSL-flow PRI (E1);
    •using the network transmission of IP-traffic.

Phone numbers offered by our company, including digital paths in the transport network of MGTS at several points, therefore, the quality and lack of interference during a call is guaranteed. Once connected, you can use preferential tariffs on local, long distance and international calls. You will also be accessible services to our telephone system: tone dialing, short numbering, ban outgoing or incoming calls, call forwarding to fixed, mobile, long distance rates, conference calling and much more.
Rooms are served with a digital local telephone stations Ericsson, Siemens, etc. owned by the company.
For connecting remote offices (for example, in different cities, in order to reduce the cost of calls), the company offers solutions based on existing networks, IP-telephony. In this case, the customer must have a dedicated connection to the Internet, with a capacity of not less than 128 kbps. Under this scheme, the Moscow numbers may be filed anywhere in the world, regardless of the location of the customer.
Depending on the subscription and installation fees are offered rate plans with unlimited periodical and phone calls to Moscow.

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