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Internet Telephony IP-TV Price-List


IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) (IP-TV, IP-TV) - the next generation technology of television. It represents a combination of methods and equipment to enable transmit video over IP, ie for packet-switched network that allows you to store high quality digital video signal is transmitted and high quality multichannel audio.

The main difference between this technology from the traditional television (using circuit switching) is an interactive services and a large number of different services provided by operators of IPTV, such as:

    •Video on Demand (VoD) (English video on demand) - a kind of video distribution - footage from the directory at the request of the client network, it receives a convenient time, often with the ability to use services such as rewinding or pause.
    •TVoIP (TV over IP or IP-TV) - the simultaneous packet of the set of TV channels to all viewers to the network with a choice of any of the broadcast channels and navigate through them.
    •Time Shifted TV (English time-shifted transmissions) - the ability to order the desired "shift" in time of interest to the subscriber broadcast.
    •Network Personal Video Recorder (NPVR) (born networked personal video recorder) - the name of the service speaks for itself - allows you to record the desired program to watch it at any time, any number of times.
    •Electronic Program Guide, (EPG) (English electronic TV guide) - the interactive program guide.
    •Near Video On Demand, (NVoD, nVOD, n-VOD) (born about video on demand) - Service-called "carousel video" or "virtual cinema" is a multicast preformed TV coverage of the program, according to the schedule in a few threads and time shift. In addition to basic services IPTV can provide its customers and additional services: video calling, interactive voting, internet, electronic games, etc.

There was, for example, the ability to choose one of several, simultaneously transmitted, audio streams (usually variants of voice) for the video.
All this was made possible by standardization of the various terminal devices, the provision of services (video, audio and data) through a common set of technologies for all.
Subscribers IP-TV service are able to view the vast range of television channels in digital quality. First and foremost, is a complete package of essential programs of the Moscow region, as well as additional satellite channels on various subjects.
To choose from, offered two packages:

    •"Standart" (includes 67 TV channels)
    •"Full" (includes 97 TV channels)

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